I liked it so much that I returned in 2011-2014 to operate as VP9/N1SV and in the CQWW Phone contest as VP9I. It's amazing what you can do with a tribander, and simple wire antennas from there. In 2014 I finished with a final score of just over 4M points and #3 in the world.

As you can see from the photo on the left, I like chasing awards. I got my mixed DXCC in 1982, acheived honor roll in 2009, and finally reached the DXCC challenge 2500 level in 2018. Here is the list of DXCC entities that I still need. I also have 9-band DXCC and continue to chip away at 6m DXCC with 85 countries confirmed.


I am an avid contester / DXer and enjoy operating various HF and VHF / UHF contests from the home QTH as well as other locations, my favorite contest is CQWW . I have also tried my hand at mobile contesting participating in several New England QSO parties with mixed results.

In 2010 I operated the CQWW Phone contest from Bermuda as VP9/N1SV. This was the first time I had operated outside the US and it was a real learning experience for me! I operated from the QTH of VP9GE and had a great time. Ed was super and made sure that I had verything I needed.

Late in 2018 I became active on the 630m band (472 - 479 KHz) mostly on JT9, WSPR, and CW. In that first season I worked about 40 different stations in 18 states and three DXCC entities. Building on that success during the 2019 / 2020 winter I concentrated on trying to make my first transatlantic QSO. After several failed attempts I finally completed a two-way 630m JT9 QSO with G0MRF on January 4th, 2020. For more information on Adapting a 160m antenna for 630m, see the article in my projects section.