LEFT - The 80-foot HF tower with yagis for 6-40m was originally installed in 1999 and has evolved over the years to its present day configuration.

CENTER - One of the four Force12 EF-180BV shortened 80m verticals in the 75 / 80m four square array. The four verticals are linear loaded and stand 34-feet high. The array is fed using a Comtek ACB4 hybrid coupler. The array was first installed in 2000 and has evolved over the years to its current configuration. Not visible is the 160m inverted-L with 32 ground radials thats also used for 630m and the K9AY loop.

RIGHT - The 70-foot VHF tower with yagis for VHF/UHF (2x DSFO144-12, 2x DSFO432-25, DSFO222-16) and the Cushcraft A3WS 12/17m yagi at the bottom of the stack.


80-foot HF tower
70-foot VHF tower
Northeast 80m vertical